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To the Glory of the Family and Our Ancestors!

Beloyar Slavic Style is a domestic clothing brand founded in Russia in 2012. The brand received the Slavic Name “Beloyar” (Yar – power, strength. Bel – white, bright, illuminated), this is a common male name in the Slavic lands in pre-Christian times. Unique designs will tell you about distant times and ancient peoples, about fearless Heroes and wise ancestors, about the harsh rulers and the Ancient Gods. For a relatively short period of time, Beloyar clothing has become widely known in Russia and abroad. Currently, the brand is actively developing, constantly working on the assortment and quality of products, pays great attention to sports areas and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Beloyar actively sponsors, acts as an organizer and supports various sports tournaments.

Slavonic clothing brand is founded in Russia in 2012. Clothing is called in honor of the legendary prince of the ancient Slavic pagan state “Ruskolan”, whose name was – Beloyar.А central element of our logo is a solar symbol “Blagodar” which represents the power of Solar heat. The designs of our clothes tell about old times, ancient peoples and their old gods, about heroes of the slavic lands and mighty rulers. Currently the brand is actively developed and well known outside Russia.

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